IVOD70 (ABESiS Plus 3 Series)

Multimedia monitor for seat back, all electronic and mechanical features are designed in Turkey by Karton Cozum. All the established criteria such as passenger seat and safety, TV broadcast standards, eye health are very thorugh evaluated. This optimum product is one of the outcomes of Turkey’s many years of experience in world’s largest bus and submarkets. As a result, ABESiS provides its services worldwide.

  • IVOD70 7” Interactive Smart Monitor
  • Industrial Grade Headphone Jack
  • Video-On-Demand / Music-On-Demand
  • 800 x 480 resolution digital LCD
  • Easy and clear view of sun-bright screen
  • USB port at the front panel
  • Built-in tuner for 99 channels with a single cable
  • Very long-lasting “capacitive sense” technology for front buttons
  • User friendly touch menus with appropriate size and shapes
  • Dimensions = 176 x 126 x 31,7mm / 6,93” x 4,96” x 1,25”