Gold (ABESiS Plus 3)

  • 40º Swivel Mechnaism
  • Golden Pin RF connectors
  • Fire Resistive cable infrastructure
  • Determine the appropriate menu graphics and colors of your corporate identity
  • We develop customized software
  • Multi-view feature with up to 6 live TV channels simultaneously
  • 6 TV channels, 6 Radio channels
  • Access to the movies and music installed on the system in the menu
  • Newspapers are updated daily
  • Navigation feature will display speed, direction, altitude and location information of the vehicle to the passengers
  • Optional in-bus automation feature for food and beverage service.

This series beats the competitors with its menu which contains daily newspapers and 6 live TV channels simultaneously. The number of movies and music used in the media applications, determined by the memory capacity used. The entire system for 46 seats has maximum of 456W (19A @24V) power consumption. There are four alternative models depending on the numbers of the TV and Radio channels.